I love reading and I’m not ashamed to say it. I recently shared a post of some of the books I read recently, or I’m currently reading, and people kept asking how do I get the time to read it, with having a baby, working a full time job etc… my response is, reading is a rare privilege, so I make time for it.

I’ve been learning a lot about adult illiteracy, and the research is astounding. Do you know that just because you learned how to read as a child, your brain has created synapses that adults who didn’t learn how to read do not possess. Do you realize that literates tend to have a longer short term memory than illiterates, just because of the ability to read. Do you realize that when adults work on being literate, if they don’t achieve mastery and they stop working at it, they actually digress – I mean can you imagine being a “literate” after years of work…and then months later you’re “illiterate” again.

Reading is not just about amusing yourself, it’s about learning from others’ mistakes, expanding your mind, and it’s about the cheapest way you can acquire information – and perhaps accomplish all those big dreams you’ve been dreaming.

So next time you’re tempted to say “I hate reading” remember that there are millions of people wishing they were privileged with the opportunity to read.

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