All that matters in Business is that you get it right once. Then everyone can tell you how lucky you are. – Mark Cuban

I know a few successful business people. Some began businesses based on trying to help people that they saw were in need. Some began businesses because they had experience in the field and they saw they would be able to make money. The funny thing is that when these people get successful, we are quick to mention how lucky, or smart or special they must be, but we are quick to forget all the other business ideas that didn’t make it.

I remember when one of the successful business owners shared his story about praying and fasting for a job, and how thrilled they were to get the job, but only to return a few days later to find out the company was downsizing and he no longer had a job.

I remember when another successful business owner shared the story of starting a business, and then losing lots of money because one of his staff members stole from him.

I remember when another successful business owner shared the story of having to close down a passion of hers because she wasn’t making any profit, and how sad it was to let it go.

But too many people don’t talk about those stories. We may read it and think wow! they went through a lot, but we don’t think much about it, because afterall they were so “lucky” they are enjoying the good times now.

I love reading about entrepreneurs, because those stories encourage me, and I hope it encourages you too. Perhaps you will make many mistakes, perhaps it will take some time, but soon people will say “Isn’t she so lucky to be so successful.”

And you will smile and shake your head because you know you’re the “luckiest” person alive.

Good luck is Hard work

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