Our fragile hearts

Fragile hearts: I have noticed how people tend to talk about their heartbreak and how fragile their hearts are. The funny thing is that although we can talk about the fragility of our hearts, we don’t seem to realize that other people’s hearts are equally fragile.

There are people who pride themselves on always speaking their minds, without considering that maybe speaking your mind is not the best thing to do at all times. Perhaps there are times when it is best not to speak your mind, just so you can protect the heart of the person you care about. In a relationship (whether a family member, or a boy-girl relationship) we have to be sensitive of these people’s hearts, and treat them well. There will be times when they say thing that you may think are insulting, but all they really want to do is help. There will be times when you say things to them that they may find offensive, but all you meant was a joke… So we have to be considerate and careful about each other’s hearts, because when it’s all said and done, we’re all working around with some pain, some hurts, some past mistakes we’re trying to forget.

HeartCreative Commons License seyed mostafa zamani via Compfight

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