When I just began as an Interior Designer Professional here in
Nigeria, I had so many questions. I wasn’t sure who to ask and how to
even phrase my questions?

I wondered if I would make it in the industry. I wondered if I should
work at an existing firm? I wondered if I should start my own

How to get clients, how to present myself so that I would be taken as
a professional and of course I wondered if there was money to be
made…and if there was, would I make it? How do I brand myself? My
firm? Should I partner with like-minded people? I could go on and on…

At every step in my profession – I believe what has been key is
learning from others…I’ve always dreamt of having avenues such as The
Pan-Africa Interior Design Virtual Summit that gives me the
opportunity to learn from other successful professionals so I wouldn’t
have to make painful and expensive mistakes.

I’ve listed below 4 (of many) key things you’ll learn from the Summit:

  1. How to pick a Niche in Interior Design – Have you heard that phrase
    “the riches are in the Niches?” Well it’s true. Picking a Niche can
    sometimes be tricky. You want to pick a Niche that is going to be
    enjoyable and profitable. And during the summit we have speakers that
    will share their secrets on how they selected their riches, and 3
    great strategies for picking and aligning into a successful Niche.
  2.  How to land a great job in Interior Design – If you’re just starting
    out in Interior design, been working for a while or transitioning from
    one industry into the interior design industry then you know how
    challenging it can be. Great news! We have a speaker that will tell
    you the exact steps they took when they transitioned, and 2 things you
    can do today to help you get that first job in the right interior
    design field today.
  3.  What to know to start your Interior Design business – If you’re
    someone who’s not quite interested in a job, maybe you’ve been working
    for a while, and now you just want to start a business, then you’re
    going to enjoy the session we have where the professionals share the
    things you need to do to ensure that you have a sound business – how
    to attract clients etc.
  4. Strategies for Growth – Have you been an Interior Design for 1, 5
    of even 10 years? Its amazing the wealth of knowledge some of our
    speakers have brought on board! From business development strategies
    to partnership and collaboration for growth.

I keep saying this and I mean it…its super exciting to be a host at
the summit, but more exciting for me is what I’m learning and how I
totally can’t wait to implement them into my business!

Now you see why I’m so excited about this summit.

There’s truly no stopping us* now!!!

— Osaru Alile

Click this link and join us today #PAIDSummit2018 #PAIDSummit2019

*Us – Everyone who takes advantage of this seminar and is serious
about professional and/or business growth.