Other People's problems

I was in the hair salon the other day, and one lady looked at my long natural hair, sighed and said she couldn’t wait for her hair to be as long as mine, because she knew it would be easier to manage once it was my length. I just laughed and told her that other people’s problems always seem easier than our own.

The truth was that I was in the hair salon because it was much easier for me to just do it there. Washing my hair myself can take 4 hours or more, because of detangling, conditioning, and then twisting… not only does it take time, but your arms are sore at the end and you’re tired. When my hair was shorter, I did my hair by myself most of the time, so pretty much, I saw her short hair issues as being easier than mine…

It dawned on me that life is like that. Because we have personal experiences with our own pain, we think that our pain is more painful or “more real” than anyone else’s when the truth remains that pain is pain is pain. Every pain is real, and painful, and can be challenging.

When we look at people, let us not be too quick to belittle their sufferings. Empathize with everyone you meet, because we’re all going through some heart ache, disappointment and pain, and just because it seems that yours may be much more painful doesn’t mean that everyone else’s pain is less relevant.

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