Other People's secrets

If I told you some of my deepest secrets you would probably think I was very strange, or you would be glad to know that there was someone else in the world that shared your peculiarities, and then you would probably want to be my friend…

We all have secrets, every single one of us. The neighbor that looks perfect, and you wish you could be like, the lady in church who always seems to have everything under control, the woman whose kids are incredibly well-behaved, the smiling lady with the amazing husband…all of us, we all have secrets.

So try not to be too harsh with yourself because of your secrets, and the fear that people may think that you are strange because of them, you may be surprised to find out that they have very similar secrets. And try not to condemn people for making the decisions they make, when you don’t agree with them, because sometimes our secrets push us to make decisions that may not make sense to others. And if you’re every privileged to learn about someone else’s secret, whether it was purposely divulged, or you accidentally gained access to the information, protect this information with your life, because their life may depend upon it.


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