So you got drunk and blacked out – I'm so jealous!

I wish you could feel my despair as I walk behind you and you tell your friend of all the fun you had this past weekend. You got drunk, got wasted, blacked out, and woke up in someone’s bed. Oh and then you tell of how funny it was when you were in church on Sunday and your hair still smelled like the cigarette smoke from the night before…ahh good times. Yeah I was just telling a friend the other day how I wish we would stop talking about how we plan on making our first million and would instead go out and get wasted…

Before you all start sending me hate-mail because you can tell I’m being facetious, please realize that I have heard these stories multiple times in public spaces from some girl or guy who thinks that this is the coolest “funest” thing ever! really? is it? Do you realize that time is the most valuable resource that you have and what you lose you can never get back? Do you realize that there are people wishing that they had the opportunities that you have, and yet here you are living casually as if you don’t have a purpose. Well maybe no one ever told you that you have a purpose…alright I’m telling you now…or maybe you are too lazy to do anything to accomplish your purpose…well that’s unfortunate for you and for us because there will never be anybody like you to accomplish the goals that you were created to accomplish.

Why not do something this week that you have never done before…stay away from the alcohol and the parties…just for one week. Instead spend some time alone figuring out your purpose, or learning how others accomplished their goals. Or spend some time with a good friend talking about your future goals.

Remember as a man thinks in his heart, so is he. If you think your time is worthless and it is best spent killing brain cells then it is. But if you think your time is precious and you want to accomplish every goal that you have been placed on the earth to do, then it is.

Have a great week my dear!