Have you ever read a book, or listened to an audiobook or a speech or a message that got you deep in your soul. You know like when you are really physically attracted to someone and they touch you, even a simple handhold, and you feel that tingly sensation and you want more…yeah have you ever heard something that made you feel that way? If you haven’t then you really haven’t read any good books. Because when a book is or a person’s words are full of truth, it gets to you deep inside you, and you feel it. (granted there are some master speakers who say stupid things, but I’m not referring to those).

I have been reading a lot of these types of books lately, and they are really helping me see that God really CAN fulfill all my desires. There are Christians who say that they would be upset if God came before they got married, or before they experienced their honeymoon…I guess they just don’t understand what truth does to us as human beings. It inspires us, lifts us up, motivates us, makes us feel valued, makes us know that we can accomplish any goal that we set our minds to.

Yeah I like that feeling of liking someone and anticipating being around them, but the truth is time spent with God is so much better, and if you haven’t experienced it, then something needs to change.

Why don’t you do something this week that you have never done before…read a book or listen to an audiobook by a “christian motivational” speaker. Then get in your word and look at all the good gifts God has promised you, and take some time to study what God says about who you are in Christ.

Remember as a man thinks in his heart, so is he…if you think that you are scum, then you are. But if you think that you are more than a conqueror, empowered to overcome the devil daily, and that you absolutely delight God, then you are.

Have a great week my dear!

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