Something Bad is not about to happen

You know those movies that start out with happy families, and everything being happy, and then all of a sudden something tragic happens… I used to feel as if life is supposed to be like that. When things are going well and I’m happy, I used to get afraid and feel as if something bad is about to happen. I felt that being consistently happy is not normal and that it’s normal for things to go from good to bad…

But that is not true. Something bad is not about to happen. Going from good to bad is not normal, in fact that is a lie from the devil. When God created the world He made it good, and in the end when he rebuilds the world He will make it good again. Everything that God created, he saw that it was good, and it pleased Him.

Life was created to be good and fun and happy. Relationships were created to be good and fun and happy. So if your life is going well, be glad and enjoy it and expect things to get better, because the only kind of “normal” that God wants for us is for things to continuously get better.

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