Why Married People Need Married Friends

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what makes being married so different from being single… I used to feel as if not much changed except that the person that gets married is now responsible for more than just themselves, and when you decide to be friends with that person you also choose to be friends with the person’s spouse… so I never understood why single people would stay away from their friends after they got married… I mean I know married people get busy, but I guess you can still send text messages or something…

Anyway… marriage is wonderful, but it’s not easy… and it takes a very wise single person to understand that… there will be times a married person may want to complain about something, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they want to end the relationship… they’re just upset about something and want to voice their opinion. When two people are just dating, you can say “well, if it’s not working, just end it.” But when two people are married all you can say is “well you just have to talk and work it out.” (unless there is abuse).

Sometimes married people may not be able to do certain things because of respect for their spouse. Single people may not understand, and may feel that the married person is being controlled, but that is not necessarily the case, the married person is just trying to respect the feelings of their spouse….

It goes on and on… so now I realize that married people need married friends… but ofcourse they also need their single friends too. So for all you married people out there I pray that God will send you madly in love experienced couples that will encourage you in your walk… and for all you single people, I pray that God will help you to be wise and wonderful friends to all your friends!

Smile more! 🙂

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