Who do you want to be? Decide and then follow the steps below:

1. Find a mentor – find someone who is doing what you want to do and get mentored. Whether virtually, by reading all their books, and reading everything they recommend, or if you’re able to be in contact, have a personal mentoring relationship

2. Read books – Books are often the most economical way to get the information you need. So if you can’t get anything else, get books, you can even get ebooks. In books you get the wisdom of 10,000 lifetimes in one lifetime

3. Learn online – find an online course that provides you with information about your career goal, hobby, or whatever, and learn.

4. Join an association – If you’re serious about a new career, join the association, then you will learn about the field, meet people, and learn what it really takes to become the person you want to be.

5. Pray for wisdom – Wisdom will save you time. So pray for wisdom, and while you’re at it, pray for favor. That people will be willing to advise you and get you closer to your goal.

6. Invite people to lunch – find people in the field you are interested in, and take them out to lunch, and be willing to pay. Pick their brains, ask them what they like and what they dislike. Give them the opportunity to show you what a day in their life looks like.

7. Find ways to encourage yourself (remember the Dip) – Seth Godin has a book that talks about the Dip – how the Dip is where many people give up, but just beyond the Dip is where success is achieved, and where the money is made. Find ways to encourage yourself and remember that when you feel the most discouraged is probably where you are the closest to your goal.

8. “Sunk Costs” is a fallacy – Don’t ever think that just because you’ve committed money or time to one thing, that it means you can’t explore other things. If things are not working. Forget the sunk costs and move to other things.

9. Learn on the job – If you have to choose between going to school, or learning on the job, choose to learn on the job. Instead of paying people to teach you, get paid to learn what you need to learn. Join an organization with trainings and mentoring.

10. Fail quickly – Don’t be afraid to fail. It’s okay to fail, in fact if you don’t fail, it means you haven’t tried something new. Fail quickly, fail often, and move on.

What are your other suggestions on becoming anyone you want to be ?

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