"The Good Guy" – A Parable

What if I told you I had a friend who had a friend who had seen you around. And he was a really nice guy. He had fallen in love with your character, how you cared for people and the way you acted around your family and friends (and enemies). He liked the way you interacted with the less fortunate and how you always tried to help others.

There were some things that concerned him, such as how angry you could get over little things, or how you always said you would be on time but you were always late, or how you took your friends and family for granted often. But he did not care, he had fallen in love with you and he wanted to have a relationship with you.

You may be overwhelmed that someone would like you that much, and even though you were a little suspicious of anyone who would know so much about you and would still be interested in you, you decide that you are willing to give him a chance.

So you start dating this guy and he really is the epitome of perfection. He holds the door open for you every time. He makes sure you are safe when you cross the street together. He protects you from crazy people and even from some of your crazy family members. He would never let anyone say anything bad about you. He is ALWAYS ready to put anything away and listen to you, whenever you are concerned. He knows when to give advice and when to just sit and listen. He knows the right time to hug you and comfort you and the right time to look at you smile and let you know that he is confident that you would make the right decision.

Needless to say he is perfect in the right way. Not in the sickening way where you just can’t stand him, but in the perfect way that is perfect!

And one day you are on a date and he is talking to you about something – maybe he is saying how much he likes you and appreciates you being in his life and how much he wants to serve you…and your eyes start to glaze over – you are wondering to yourself what you could have done to deserve such a great guy and you start thinking about and comparing to your past relationships.

The next thing you know, he leans over the table and slaps you (hard enough that you see at least 17 stars), then he says that he just wanted to get your attention – and then he continues telling you about how much he loves you and how great of a guy he really is…

What would you think???? Would you still call this guy a “good guy” knowing that he would always hit you when you did not pay attention?

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