So guess what? January 1st begins our journey…NO MORE COMPLAINING!

Remember that all you have to do is:
1. If you feel like complaining, don’t voice it

2. When you feel like complaining, think of something you are thankful for, and focus on that…if you don’t have a car, be thankful you can walk, if your car has issues, be thankful you have a car…

This week I would also like to encourage you to be patient with life.
Some of our biggest frustrations (the reasons we complain) are because life doesn’t turn out exactly the way we expect it…but if we think about it, life rarely ever does.

It’s on the day we are running late that everyone on the road is going slowly. It’s the time we finally have the guy or girl we always wanted that we realize their laugh is annoying, they have no confidence and their feet stink!

The sooner we accept that life rarely turns out the we we expect it the better our lives will be.

Of course being patient with life does not mean that we are complacent…we still have to fight.

– we still must set goals
-we still must learn from our mistakes
-we still must remember that God is a good God and the evil things that happen to us do not come from him…
– we still must fight evil

When we learn to be patient with life, we’ll learn to be patient with people (we’ll talk about that some more next week)

So this first week of January whenever something unexpected happens, instead of complaining, just smile and practice being patient with life.

Please leave comments, questions, concerns on the wall, keep inviting your friends…Let start the new year fabulously!


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