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In this interview I had the opportunity to chat with Lorraine Esposito, a dynamic professional coach in New York. We talked about various things, including what are our personal values, how our environment influences our decisions, the importance of having a choice and realizing we have a choice, and how fear debilitates our decision making process.

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Her website: ThePeacemakerCoach

Her book: The Peacemaker Parent

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Below is the transcript of the first few minutes


This is THE PERSON. I’m Osayi

Most people today are looking for work that they can enjoy and be passionate about, so when I meet someone who is doing something they enjoy I always want to know how did you get here? And what advice would you give to help others find work that they love?

Today we will be talking with Lorraine Esposito.

LORRAINE ESPOSITO is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and an author, speaker, and coach training instructor for Coachville – the largest and fastest growing business and personal coaching organization in the world. In this interview we talk about the process of finding your passion.
She is the peacemaker coach and the author of the peacemaker parent. She currently lives in NY

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Osayi: Hi Lorraine, welcome to THE PERSON, thank you for interviewing with us

Lorraine: It’s my pleasure thank you for being patient.

Osayi: I’m really excited to talk to you today, it’s always great to talk to people who enjoy what they do, With that being said lets get on to what it is to be a life coach, how did you get into it, and what exactly do you do?

Lorraine: alright Let’s see what did I do to get here, it was a really long process, it didn’t have to be so long I guess it just took a long time for me to realize that I had the passionate desiere to help people in this particular way. I had always been helping people around a specific topic but in the last six years before I turned over to life coaching full time I was a fitness coach and I went to people’s homes and coached them around their body and I realized that what they were needing from me was more than just a new way to do a sit up or something of that nature, they were looking for a connection to why doing all of this was really meaningful for me and to help them uncover the purpose the passion the drive. The payoff to them personally for doing all these things. I was successful in helping them doing all those things so I thought I better get some training and make sure that I am doing this correctly so I went to training school. It just sort of fell into place and I realized that this is where I need to be. I need to make life coaching be the primary and use fitness, passion, career, as the added benefit. Does that make sense?

Osayi: Yes that makes makes sense. So what exactly do you do as a coach?

Lorraine: I’m in the business of more and less. People want more of something and less of other things, and Helping people figure out what they really want more of and less of, and not just what it is but why it’s important to have more of that and less of this is a process of collaborating and figuring it out. and all of it bases on personal values. It is the backbone that helps you make those tough choices and put a magnifying glass on everything so that it is completely clear when you are presented with two options, which one is really the right one for you. So when I coach people it is a process of helping them make sense of all the internal signals that they have already going on inside them that may be creating alot of confusion and chaos so that they can relax and move forward and get more of what they want.

If you would like to be interviewed on THE PERSON Please feel free to contact me here

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