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THIRTY (57 Ways to Beat Loneliness & Depression)


The amazing thing about giving is that not only does it have an amazing way of coming back to you many times and in many more ways than you could have imagined, but the very act of giving and depriving yourself motivates you to think of ways to accomplish your goals despite what you no longer have.

The other day, I wanted to attend a conference, but I also really wanted to give to this charity. I had been procrastinating giving to the charity for months, until finally I decided that I would just give to them, and figure out how to pay for the conference some other way. The funny thing is that I was able to volunteer to help out with the conference and only had to pay half of what the conference was worth! I ended up getting my money back almost immediately because giving that money forced me to think of other more creative ways to accomplish my goals.

Whatever it is you are really desiring, give it away. If it’s companionship, give it to someone else, and just listen to them and be there. If it’s money, give it to someone who is less fortunate. If it’s encouragement, give it to others. If it is friendship, become the best friend you can be to others. If it is time, serve others with your time. You will be amazed to see how much more of everything you have when you are willing to freely give.

Remember life is meant to be won!

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