making money – I don’t have problems with people who want to make money, and I definitely don’t have problems with people who like money, but what I don’t understand are those who want to make money without working.

Begging – There are those that are always begging for money, Can someone please explain how people can feel fulfilled with their lives when they are always begging.

Borrowing – For those people who are always borrowing, don’t they know that the borrower is at the mercy of the lender…

Dating – AKA Runs, in my time they called them gold diggers, but apparently now they call them runs girls. The funny thing is that the money never seems to last long.

Stealing – The worst of them all. period. full stop. I have nothing more to say.

The problem with this life is that we think we have lots of time. We think we have time to do all the bad things we want to do, and then make atonement later. We think we have time to hurt people, use people, and abuse people, and that all of this stuff won’t come back to hurt us.

We must realize that this life is too short. In the little time you have, do the good you can, because soon you will find out that life was never just about our comfort… and definitely not about just money.


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