Top Schools to attend to make the most money

I can give you the list of ivyleague schools. I can even give you how much the average graduate makes from those schools. But it wouldn’t help you – you know why? Because you’re not average, actually no one is average. All the statistics these schools put out there are just that – statistics. And statistics lie. Okay maybe they don’t quite lie, but they make you believe whatever they want you to believe, and they don’t so much as show you exactly why some people in these ivy league schools do very well, and others don’t.

Some say it’s because of the connections you make, others say it’s because most of these ivy leaguers are already privileged, but it doesn’t account for those that don’t do so well.

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So let’s get back to you – if you want to make the most money, it’s up to you to decide, to work on what you need to do to get there. No teacher, school, parent, or fairy god mother can get you there. You can choose to read books, take online courses, connect with people online, read blogs, or you can bemoan the fact that you don’t have money to attend that expensive school that everyone seems to be attending and making lots of money after they attend.

And by the way if someone tries to tell you not to pursue money, if they try to say something like would you rather be happy or wealthy, tell them that your career/financial coach (AKA Me) said that you can have both, and you’re choosing to have both.

So what school do I recommend – Online schools, they will give you all the information at a fraction of the cost, and while you’re at it, please get yourself a library card, there are so many ebooks available in many libraries, you don’t even have to step foot in the library after getting the card.

I wish you success. I wish you plenty of happiness and plenty of money.

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