(37) Imagine it's someone else's problem – Beat Loneliness | 57 Ways

THIRTY-SEVEN. (57 Ways to Beat Loneliness & Depression)

Imagine it’s someone else’s problem.

You can’t have survived for so long without learning how to solve problems. While we hate having problems, there is a thrill we get when we find the solution to a problem that seems to come out of nowhere just in the nick of time!

While it is often easier to help other people solve their problems, we often find it hard to solve ours because we are so busy with all the emotions involved that we forget to be rational. So give yourself 10 minutes to imagine that whatever your are facing (loneliness?) is someone else’s problem. Imagine that one of your best friends comes to you complaining of how lonely and tired she is. She doesn’t think she will ever find the “right guy,” and she doesn’t think that the “right guy” would even be interested in her.

What would you say to her in that situation?

Whatever it is, march yourself to a mirror right now and say it to yourself!

Remember you are worth the best, and your life is meant to be lived with the best.

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