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THIRTY-SIX. (57 Ways to Beat Loneliness & Depression)

Stop Cussin’ Yourself

Our tongues are very powerful!

When I was younger, my older brother and I would get into fist fights. Since he was bigger and stronger than I was, I would have to result to using my words:

“You’re so stupid, you’re the stupidest idiot in the world…stupid idiot!”

To which we would start fighting again, and the cycle would continue…

The thing about calling people names and using profanity is that we only do it because we are ignorant of how to express ourselves better, or we are too lazy to attempt to express ourselves better. When we get angry and call someone a 4-letter curse word, we have not expressed to them why we are angry, what they have done to make us angry, how we can solve the situation, or how we can prevent the situation from happening again. All we have done is temporarily eased our anger, but in the end the words we use affects us more than the people we use them on.

Depending on who it is, the person may just ignore us and go on with their lives, while we continue fuming for days, and let the anger fester in us.

On another note: some people argue that using curse words is great in music or other artistic forms because it shocks the system. Those people would be wrong. Yes it shocks the system, but it expresses nothing. Why not shock the system by expressing yourself, which is what art is really supposed to be about.

Remember in life whatever you give to others is what comes right back to you. When you cuss others, you’re actually cussin’ yourself.

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