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THIRTY-NINE. (57 Ways to Beat Loneliness & Depression)

Spend Time Getting Refreshed

So I was learning about the animals in the Bible the other day and I learned about how eagles live a long time, but they are able to stay youthful because they shed their feathers and grow new feathers. I thought about how life is supposed to be like that. We spend so much time being busy that we don’t realize that our lives are falling apart.

God has promised us that He  will satisfy our desires so that we can be renewed like an eagle. (That excites me!)

Whatever it is that refreshes you: Spending time with God, reading a good book, taking long walks, talking to friends, whatever it is – just do it.

When you feel tired, feel discouraged, feel like you want to give up, and there is no hope, remember to spend time getting refreshed!

Remember life is meant to be peaceful and exciting!

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