“That sucks!”

“It sucks when I…”

We use these kinds of statements often…and I must admit, I have used it many times because.. well it would explain my feeling of frustration and disappointment.

But I recently realized that the word “suck” actually came from a reference to oral sex!

WHAT??! yes when I’m trying to say that I am frustrated and annoyed about something I am actually using a word that has all sorts of additional connotations to it…

Some people still don’t realize the connotation or the history. There are many articles online talking about why it’s okay to use the word “sucks” and how it is here to stay, but these are the same people that think it is okay for every other word you say to be a foul four-letter curse word.

Well it’s a free world, and everyone is free to do whatever they want, but my perception is that using curse words only shows a person’s ignorance, and lack of desire to use their creativity. It’s easy to use a curse word to get people to laugh, or to shock people, but it is harder and more creative to get your point across without them.

So before you use the word ask yourself: “It may stink, but does it suck?”

p.s. “that blows” probably would not be a good choice either.

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