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TWENTY-SEVEN (57 Ways to Beat Loneliness & Depression)

Spend Time With Kids

Kids are the most amazing creatures in the world! They are so smart and so confident and so capable of doing the most awesome things. To them nothing is impossible. They are very trusting, yet very wise – and so full of curiosity. Sometimes when I take a walk with my niece I notice things that had always been there, but I was just too busy to notice. She looks at the grass and touches it and tries to taste it (she’s curious about what it taste like). She looks at the fire hydrant and asks me for the hundredth time to tell her what it’s called, which I patiently and willingly do, no matter how many times she asks. She hears a dog barking in the distance and asks if it’s a dog? Yes little one it’s a dog. When things start to scare her, she holds my hands tightly, but other times she explores and she learns something new every time.

When we spend time with kids we realize how much of life we have missed so far, and how delicious life could really be if we let it. We learn that what we think is so important and so serious is not nearly as important or as serious as we think it is. We learn to be confident again, because if we are patient enough to continue encouraging kids, we must be patient to continue encouraging ourselves. We learn to trust again, because if this little one can trust us, even though we know we have made many mistakes, then we know we can trust others even though they may make many mistakes.

Remember life is meant to be delicious!

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