Politics should not be this complicated!

So I’m minding my own business this morning…checking up on the updates on WSJ.Com when I stumbled upon this article that talked about Carly Fiorina, Former HP CEO, and her Ad to help her win the Republican nomination for the California Senate seat.

Please watch the ad before progressing with the rest of this blog


So…my first reaction was “what the devil!!!” seriously, the sheep was obviously demon possessed.

Now I’m not sure who was the person crawling about in “demon-possessed-sheep clothing,” but whoever it is – Carly Fiorina or Tom Campbell – let’s just say that I would be a little concerned about their ability to lead.

One thing I did take away was “FCINO*”

Now I have a new word that I can use with my friends…and to show my enemies how truly smart I am…

If you disagree with me you are obviously an FCINO!

(FCINO: Fiscal Conservative in Name Only)

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