Go Team Tebow! Go Superbowl!

Well who would have thunk that an Ad encouraging people to make the right choice would cause this much of a stir

Tebow’s “interesting” response to the controversy (you be the judge)


Tebow just wants to express to all that if his mother had taken the doctor’s advice and gotten an abortion, he would not be here right now…but apparently pro-choicers don’t think that he should have the choice to express this opinion.


So now for once in my life I actually know when and where the Super bowl will be…and I am on the edge of my seat trying to figure out if this Ad is really worth all the hullabaloo…

Planned Parenthood’s “interesting” ad response (you be the judge)


The Plan

  1. Watch the superbowl: February 7th, at 6:25pm on CBS
  2. Try to avoid watching all the raunchy ads
  3. Try to overcome the urge to buy everything that is advertised
  4. Watch the “Tebow & Focus on the Family” Ad
  5. Laugh at the paranoia of Planned Parenthood
  6. Pray that people begin to see a glimpse of truth

Never forget that a life is a life is a life…and everything else is just STUFF…and LIFE should always trump stuff.