Children's day 2015

It’s mother’s day today I mean sorry It’s Children’s day. But it might as well be Mother’s day since a lot of moms are running around today trying to find something fun for their children to do. Sigh* The work of a mother is never done…

Anyway it’s children’s day and the world is messssssssed up! And it keeps getting worse. Children are starving all over the world, there are wars and more wars, there are sexual abuses within the homes, in schools, churches etc., Children are being kidnapped from their homes and other safe places… Yes the world is messsed up!!!

So I’m thinking today, perhaps instead of running around trying to find something for my child to do (since she is too young to understand anyway), I will just be praying for her, and for the children of the world.

  • I pray for prolonged innocence – I pray that children will not have to learn about sexuality until they are old enough to truly understand what it is. I pray that children will not have to learn how terrible the world can be, because they will be protected by loving adults
  • I pray for Love – I pray that children will know what it means to love and be loved. I pray that children will not lose their parents at a young age, but for those who have, that people will rise up and protect them.
  • I pray for their future – I pray that children will have access to everything they need for a successful future. I pray that people will rise up with solutions for water, food, or education shortages. I pray that people will rise up to encourage children to continue dreaming big dreams.

Most importantly I pray for peace, because when there is peace, children will be free to be their joyful selves.

Enjoy Children’s day 2015!

Please continue to pray with us.

Kenya, happy orphans on Mfangano  Island, Lake Victoria

Dietmar Temps via Compfight

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