Competition is the solution to a lot of Nigerian problems – ShopriteNG

I go to a store that I don’t enjoy going to. But they are the only ones around my area that sell the coconut milk that I like.

I go to Shoprite Nigeria often, because they are the only ones that sell a variety of items in one location.

I purchase from Nigerian online stores sometimes, because it’s easier than trying to go to the market, struggling for parking, searching for the item, not sure if what you’re purchasing is counterfeit and then coming back home exhausted.

But all of these places have failed me many times, and I wish I could stop, but these are items I would like to purchase and I don’t have a better choice.

I’m daring us as Nigerians to start creating better choices. Let us stop thinking about how much money we can hoard for our generations, and think how we can serve our people – because you know what? If you can provide us with something better, we will reimburse you with all that money that is right now going to South Africa.

The other day, my cousin was pick pocketed in Shoprite Ikeja, and all the people could say was sorry. Their cameras are only focused on the Tills, and only because they don’t want us stealing their money, but they don’t care about customers being stolen from, or being attacked. All they can say is sorry.

I’m tired of hearing “sorry.” Sorry not sorry. If you’re really sorry you will make changes. If you’re really sorry you will fix the problems. But you’re not sorry, you just think that’s what we want to hear.

It’s not.

Competition will solve a lot of these problems. And Competition is here – Let’s go to Ebeano instead – it’s not the greatest, but it’s much better.


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