Ahh…the time of the month…your period…aunt flo…whatever you call it…

You know that time of the month when you are extra-sensitive and emotional, when everyone seems against you, but you feel as if you’re ready to give your most precious possession away…you feel as if you’re in love like you’ve never been before…

Well there are some things we get the urge to do when we’re on our period and I hope I can save you from yourself:

  1. Don’t call your EX – There is a reason he’s your “EX.” For some reason this time of the month makes you forget all the issues from the past, and makes you think that you can call him and all will be well…don’t do it…trust me, it never goes well.
  2. Don’t tell your “super-secret-crush” about how much you love him – Sure you’re feeling all the love right now, but there’s a reason you decided to keep it a secret. When you decide to tell him, you want to make sure you are telling him with all your reason intact, otherwise you’ll always regret it.
  3. Don’t watch romantic movies (read romantic books, or listen to romantic music) – Now ladies you know how romantic movies make you wish you had someone to hold on to and keep you warm…and (cue violin) etc. etc. etc….now add to that the rush of hormones…
  4. Don’t hang out at your “guy friend’s” place (especially if you know he’s attracted to you anyway) – So all this time you’ve stayed strong, kept him at bay, explained to him that you seriously only see him as a friend…but then you’re on your period, and you start thinking…well he’s not so bad…yes you may not sleep with him, but you may still do something embarrassingly inappropriate that you would wish you could go back in time…
  5.  Don’t call that random guy that gave you his number in the grocery store- There was a reason you put his number in the trash in the first place…don’t go digging for it again.
  6. Don’t make life-changing decisions – Decisions to get married, to have sex, to have children…whatever…just wait until your period passes…then you can have the clarity to decide whether or not it’s worth it to have a one night stand with the one-toothed guy you met at the club
  7. Whatever you do, don’t call your EX!!!!!

What are some other suggestions that you have for single ladies…that we shouldn’t do when we’re on our time of the month?
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