I don't want to be better than you… but I do plan to be great

I’ve never quite understood envy… don’t get me wrong, I understand the desire for what someone has, but I’ve never understood wanting it so badly that you’re willing to harm the other person just to make sure you get it… you’re willing to do whatever is in your power to ensure that if you can’t have it, they can’t enjoy it…

There is more than enough in the world for everyone who wants a piece to get a piece… yes there is competition, but the competition is mostly with yourself – to be the best you that you can be.

So if you see me working hard and you ever wonder if we’re in competition, please realize that I have not desire to be better than you… I only want to be better than I was, and I plan to be great…

And I pray for greatness for you too…

Who are some of the people in your life you pray for, and you expect greatness from?

Smile, smile, smile 🙂

Last day in Paris danorbit. via Compfight

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