The other day I was helping my hubby get ready for work and he stopped and said “you’re so beautiful.” I love it when he does that. See he has to leave for work about one hour before I have to leave, so you can just imagine what I look like while I’m helping him… I probably had snot in my nose, slobber running down the side of my face, my hair was probably a mess… oooh and my breath was probably pungent enough to send the dogs barking… and he said “you’re so beautiful.”

When he said it, I knew it wasn’t just about how I looked, he was looking at who I was inside and appreciating the beauty that God placed inside.

So my darling ladies if no one has told you today just how beautiful you are, let me be the first to tell you: YOU ARE SOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!

No matter what happens today, think about that, focus on that, because your beauty is beyond skin deep, it’s about who you are!


Welcome to the beautiful month of November.

Your smile looks good on you 🙂

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