Clear clutter- make space for you

The more things you own, the more they own you.

Get rid of clutter and you may just find it was blocking the door you’ve been looking for.

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You can’t reach for anything new if your hands are still full of yesterday’s junk.

Decluttering doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a process-and often, one that requires motivation and inspiration.

Today on Another Perspective, we speak with Aja Vancica.

About Aja Vancica

Aja Vancica is a Certified Goddess For Life Coach, Level 1 Law of Attraction Practitioner and avid Chameleon with over 5 years of service. She has worked in the Professional Cleaning + Organizing field for over 10 years, including owning and operating her own OCD (organizing, cleaning, decluttering) business. Using her coaching + strategizing knowledge coupled with her expert decluttering skills, she brings a wealth of tools to help you uncover what’s really going on with your thoughts so you can dismantle the disorder in your home and create your version of better living. You can connect with her over on The OCD Strategy website, The OCD Strategy Facebook Biz page or on her Podcast!

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In this episode, we discussed:

Living in clutter-How does one get there?
What advice do people seek out the most?
And many more

Listen to this episode to find out more about decluttering.


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