Want to avoid stretch marks & discoloration when pregnant?

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Another Perspective Podcast – Pregnancy skin care – Jeraldine Esozie

Pregnancy is the most challenging experience any woman can have – and it gets even worse when your skin starts acting crazy. That’s why we have an expert today to teach us all about pregnancy skin care.

Today on Another Perspective Podcast we speak with Jeraldine Esozie, who is a skin care expert

About Jeraldine:

Jeraldine Esozie is a Skincare Expert and Coach. She’s a trained cosmetologist and natural based formulator. Jeraldine is the Creative Director of Skin Poise brand which aims to be a global leader in improving the health and wellness of women by providing the finest herbal, natural skin care, hair care, health and beauty treatments. She is also the founder of Skin Poise Academy where she educates people on safe skincare and formulation of natural skin care products. Her dream is to see every woman develop a healthy skin poise.

About Jeraldine Esozie, Creative Director, Skin poise

If you’re interested in pregnancy skin care and:

  1. How to prevent Stretch-mark in pregnancy?
  2. Why moisture is important to your skin in pregnancy
  3. What natural products you can use to keep your skin looking great
  4. What ingredients to absolutely avoid when pregnant

then this is the podcast to listen to.


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