father's day 2014

Happy Father’s day to my father, the best father any girl could have ever asked for. A man who knows how to help a girl transition through the awkward phases of life – girlhood, ladyhood, wifehood – and still let her know that she is beautiful and wonderfully made, and a joy to be around. A man who sacrificed all for his children, even when his children may not have realized or appreciated it. A man who taught me the kinds of qualities to look out for in a man…

Happy Father’s day to my future baby daddy, my husband… yeah we may not have kids yet, but I’m so excited for the opportunity to watch this man love and raise children. A man who loves me so passionately and sacrificially. A man who I’m thankful for every single day. A man who shows me that there are still many wonderful men out there. A man who gives me hope in Nigeria, and in the dying world we live in. A man who is a quiet strength everywhere he goes, whose passion in life is to help and serve, and does so to everyone in a way that still boggles my mind… A man that I am so privileged to do life with everyday and to grow old with (if the Lord tarries).

Happy Father’s day to my big brother, who has shown me what it means to sacrifice for his children. Who loves his children so much, raises them so well, and loves his wife so wonderfully. A man who loves God, and is not ashamed to show it. A man who gives me hope in the young men of our generation…and to my other brothers and brother-in-laws, such wonderful and strong men.

Happy Father’s day to all the father’s out there, and all the men acting as mentors and surrogate fathers. Happy father’s day to all my friends, and all the strangers out there. Happy father’s day to men with baby mama drama, and baby mama’s that painfully, keep you away from the baby. Happy Father’s day to the men who are learning everyday about what an awesome privilege it is to be a father and how much we need you in this dying world.

Of course Happy Father’s day to the most important father of them all. The God who formed us all in the womb and has blessed us with everything that we need, even before we realized we needed them.

Have a wonderful Father’s day! And don’t forget to cherish every man in your life.

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