ahh peace… just saying the word makes me want to take a deep breath, sigh and rest…

I’m always working on being at peace with whatever situation, and wherever I am. It’s not easy sometimes because the things you think you’ve let go sometimes come back to you and you say to yourself “wow, I thought I let that go.”

One thing I’ve noticed is that you can’t have confidence without peace. You can’t have good health without peace. You can’t have trusting relationships without peace. You  can’t have all that God has called you to have without peace.

I remember one time, while I was in church, when someone told me about something someone else had said about me. I felt so hurt. I thought this person was my friend, and I felt that I sacrificed myself so many times for this person. I ran out of church crying and went to my car. Thankfully one of the ladies from church ran out with me and prayed with me. She prayed for so many wonderful things in her short 5-minute prayer, but what I remember most is that she prayed for peace, and I remember how my whole body heaved a sigh of relief at that very moment she prayed for peace. Until today, whenever I feel overwhelmed, I remember that moment and I thank God for peace, and watch as my body relaxes. It’s the most amazing thing to me, it’s things like this that prove the strength of our words (but that is another post).

So I’ve been thinking a lot lately about peace, and walking in peace. Life can be unexpected some times, but you can walk in peace. Life can be scary sometimes, but you can still walk in peace. Life can be unfair, sad, painful, and every other negative thing you can think of, but you can still walk in peace…

because I have confidence that He who began a good work in me is able to complete it in a beautiful and wonderful way… because when he created me, he looked at me and said that I am good.

Soo… what are your thoughts on peace and confidence… how have you been dealing with this journey called life?

I thank God for the peace that He has given us, and I pray that you walk in it Today, and every day.

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