We’ve all worked at places that seemed to drain us, but the truth is we have a choice, and we can choose not to work at a job that hurts us, and demeans our sense of self. I wrote this list to inspire and encourage – get out before it kills you!

  1. You are exhausted and can’t do anything but lie in bed on “your day off.”
  2. You get upset when you are still at work one second after your time is up…and you get more upset as every second goes by.
  3. You come up with brilliant business ideas and day dream about what your life would be like if you were doing what you loved instead of being at the job.
  4. You spend more money on “snacks for work” for the week than you spend on your food budget for the entire month.
  5. The characters in your “work of fiction” come out of characters you meet at work.
  6. You find yourself getting angry at people you love because they just don’t seem to understand.
  7. You get angry reading self-help books because you’re not sure it will work for you.
  8. You don’t see a promotion any time soon, and honestly you really don’t want a promotion because it would just mean more stress.
  9. You silently cried at work, and no one even noticed.
  10. You gave up on ever finding fulfilling work.


The good news is there’s hope – Join me in screaming NO MORE DREADFUL MONDAYS!!!

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