When are you going to get married?

If I had a dollar for every time people asked me “when are you going to get married?” before I got married, I would be much richer than I am now.

Your friends, your family members, your colleagues… some of them with your best interest at heart, others are just nosy… but they all want to know, they all keep asking, they all keep telling  you all the benefits of marriage, as if you said you weren’t interested in marriage.

So now it’s a new year, one of your new year’s goals is meeting the right guy, or getting engaged to the right guy, or marrying the right guy, or… whatever…

It gets so bad sometimes that you’re on high alert – whenever you meet a guy you immediately wonder if he could be the one… He may be saved or not saved, that doesn’t matter much, but all you care about is whether he is interested in marrying you?

It’s good to want to be married, it’s good to desire to be married, but don’t let anyone make you feel bad because you’re not there yet… don’t let anyone make you feel bad because it’s not your time yet… don’t let anyone make you feel bad because you’re getting older… don’t let anyone make you feel bad because everyone else around you has a man…

There is a difference between being just married and being happily married… and I pray that when you get married you’ll experience the latter… I pray that your space as a wife will be prepared for you in advance… I pray that the man you marry will be patient with you, will cherish you, will esteem you, will adore you, and will help you to accomplish the purpose that God has for your life…

So this year instead of praying for a man, pray for God’s purpose for your life, because the guy that is supporting that God-given purpose in you, will most likely be a better husband to you.

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