Sometimes life doesn’t go the way I planned it. I wake up in the morning determined to read my word and exercise, and find out I’m sick and can’t do anything… I get excited about making a smoothie and find out that Nepa took the light right when I had everything chopped up… and the Generator is just not an option… I have my heart planned out for a romantic relaxing morning with the hubby, and he finds out at the last minute he has to go to work… I plan to hang out with my female friends, and they all feel like doing other things… I can’t wait to make billions as a writer, but I’m not quite there yet… I’m driving to make a meeting, and I get a flat tire…

How about you, do you feel that way sometimes? Do you feel like your life, or your relationships, or your career is not where you want it to be? Do you feel like complaining and wishing that you didn’t have the kind of problems that you had?

Well what I realized lately is that just as I was busy complaining about my problems, I knew people who wished that they had my problems. There are millions of people who can’t even afford to eat, or get access to clean water – They wish they had my problems… There are millions of over-qualified people looking for a job – They wish they had my problems…

And there are millions of miserably married people – They wish they had your problems…

Yes you may be single, yes it may be lonely sometimes, yes it may be challenging sometimes, yes it may feel like your problems will never end – but there are millions of people out there, in fact there are people walking past you every day, silently wishing that they had your problems.

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