If it was up to God Whitney Houston would still be alive

I wrote a post on facebook recently that “if it was up to God Whitney Houston would still be alive” and I got mixed responses.

Courtesy of Billboard.com

The thing that pains me is that some people speculated that maybe her purpose in life was to bring people to Him through her funeral. This is why many non-christians are repelled by Christianity. One thing I can say for a fact is that God had a much grander plan for her, and He loved her very much and never wanted her to go through a lot of her heartache.

God did not want her to make a lot of the decisions she made, God did not want her to die young. Yes His was are not our ways, but God wants us to know His ways, that’s why He gave us the Bible.

Does God control everything we do. No he does not. Think about it: Do you always do what He tells you to do? most likely not. Then how can He control everything in your life? or in anyone else’s life?

This world is so far from what God wants it to be, and sadly many people will die out of his will, sadly many will reject Him (which is definitely not part of His plan), and sadly many people will blame Him for the hurts they go through, but the truth will always remain that God is a good God, and if something happens and it’s not good, then it’s not God.

p.s. y’all please do me a favor and stop saying God called her home. Just because she’s in heaven (which I pray she is) does not mean God told her it was her time.