I was speaking with one of my sisters in Christ a while back, and I was explaining to her how some of the songs I used to sing at my old Church were not Biblical…and although my intention was not to introduce disunity it eventually led  to us talking about our current church and how some of the words were not so Biblical either…

One of the songs that always got me was the song that talked about “I’m desperate for you”…while it is a beautiful song…and I appreciate the hearts of the writers, the song is not Biblical…How can we be desperate for someone who is with us all the time…It’s almost like me saying that I am desperate for my shadow, or for any other part of my body…As long as I have it with me at all times, there ought to be no desperation (lack of hope). Yes! we should desire to be more sensitive…but there should be no desperation…

I read a blog recently that reminded me of this conversation – Here is an excerpt:

[They] changed the chorus of [the] Vineyard song Breathe from:

And I, I’m desperate for You
And I, I’m lost without You


And I, I’m living from You
And I, I’m resting in You


The problem with the church is that by and large we have tended to focus on the the progressive aspects of sanctification to the neglect of understanding the Christian’s definitive sanctification – that we’re all already perfectly holy and righteous in Christ.


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