The First Thing That Came Along

Those who stand for nothing fall for anything“- Alex Hamilton

“Are you him?”



“Well I am a ‘him'”

“Then you must be ‘him.’ Come along then”

I had waited long for him. I had walked slowly, hoping he would catch up, but I finally stopped and waited. I paced and paced hoping that he would come soon and he would see me. All my friends had gone along doing their own thing…but I had stopped and waited.

What was he supposed to be like? I did not know. Would I know him if I saw him? was he kind, generous, peaceful, patient, did he love Jesus? It didn’t seem to matter. I had waited way too long, I thought to myself, and all I got was silence…

So when he came along I knew this was my opportunity, no questions asked, no time wasted trying to make sure he was the right one, I just went straight to the point…

“Are you him?”



“Well I am a ‘him!'”

“Then you must be him, come on then, I have waited way too long for you.”

Yeah he was the first thing that came along. Yeah I probably could have tried to be selective. Yeah I would probably regret it…but I was tired of waiting…

Wait on the Lord, trust him and he will satisfy the desires of your heart. All other things add sorrow to it, but God’s way adds no sorrow to it. (Psalm 37:4, Psalm 37:6, Proverbs 10:22)