So the other day this guy at work asked me on a date! Don’t get me wrong, he was a cutie and I was pleased that he was asking me out…but you should see some of the other girls he asked out…jacked up teeth, messed up eyes, nasty faces, just plain old mess!!! I mean wow!!! He is sooooo lucky that I said yes to him, He is soooo lucky that someone as cute as me, and as nice as me, and someone who is smart and makes lots of money like me, that someone like me would date him…He better appreciate it!!!

I hope you realize that I’m being facetious…but sometimes this is the way I treat God. I act like I am so good that God was lucky to have me as one of his people. I act like other people need a renovation, but I just need a new coat of paint on my window ledges, nothing major.

When I realize how God really sees me (Isaiah 64: 6) , and how he chose me regardless of everything, and now he loves me so much more (Romans 5:6-11) then and only then can I truly appreciate this kind God who has chosen to be my best friend…

Thank you Jesus!!!

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