Hey Everybody!!!

I know I know I know it’s been a while but lets just say its been a fun-filled summer. I made two major relocations (across multiple state lines), I took a major Exam (Thank God I passed), I started a new job had some setbacks and major breakthroughs! Yay! fun times…

Innyhoo, I’m writing this blog post to introduce you to the new and improved iyasOStuff blog…Check out the “About me” page, I added some of my beliefs there…

I am really excited about the upcoming blog entries…I promise I have some very interesting book reviews, and encouraging things to blog about…I’m also writing a “super-secret” book that I promise to keep you updated about…you shan’t be disappointed!!! (so don’t forget to subscribe or check out the blog every Monday morning)

p.s. I will not be making new videos right now because I am looking for a new software that will work with my updated windows 7 and the MP4 file format of my camera…so if you have any suggestions of free or really cheap software please let me know.

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