So a few years ago Maya Angelou wrote a poem entitled “I know why the caged bird sings.” I don’t think I ever read the poem, but that title stands out to me. Every time I think of it I picture a bird in a cage (a place that it doesn’t belong), a place that might be painful and uncomfortable…and yet the bird sings…the bird continues to sing because 

1. That’s what birds do…they sing.

2. Because in the bird’s mind it is still free

So whenever I begin to feel overwhelmed I remind myself, just like the caged bird that I will succeed because I am meant to be successful…I am destined to be successful…and because as long as I stay free in my mind, then I am free and I will always be free.

What about you ? What do you think when you picture a caged bird singing? Why do you think the caged bird is singing?

hmm…so many questions…

Anyway, that’s one of the beauties of writing… you give it as a gift to the world, and then people are free to use it in a way that best empowers them.

When I wrote “Impossible is stupid”, and then wrote “Because you deserve love” I wasn’t sure how people would respond to it, but people would read it and give me their own feedback and interpretation…and all I could say would be

“wow! I never looked at it that way, but that makes sense!”

So I challenge you today…what legacy are you going to leave in the world? How will the generations to come remember you ?

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But whatever you choose to do…don’t ever forget that you can sing and sing and sing as long as you want to sing…nobody, and I mean NOBODY can take that away from you.

– Osayi

p.s. Have you read any other Maya Angelou books or poems?

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