Leaders are Losers

These days people talk about how we all have to be leaders, and we all have to have goals for our lives…

Don’t get me wrong, I believe in having dreams and ambitions, and aiming for more, but the problem with having random goals is that no one knows the future, and what you think may be a great goal today, may actually end up being stupid later? What if the goals you think will fulfill you will end up making you miserable later?

This is why (in my humble opinion) leaders are losers!

Unless…unless we let God lead us. Unless we take our directions from Jesus. Unless we realize that God is the only one that knows the future, and we learn to trust Him. Unless we are willing to learn from experiences of other people…

This is why I really enjoyed the book* “I am Second: Real stories changing lives” by Doug Bender & Dave Sterrett. We hear some of the most painful and unimaginable stories, and how the people eventually find life. We learn that it doesn’t matter how awful life may seem as long as you finally give it all to God and let God lead you. From tales of drug use, child abuse, rape, painful divorces, we can learn that there is hope. We can learn that God loves us, and we can finally learn to live the best lives…as followers…and we can proudly say that we also are “second.”

Find out more about the book and the amazing video stories here.

*  Thomas Nelson provide me with a free copy of the book to review.