I love Disney movies. There are many flaws with the movies, but there are often quite a few takeaways – especially the message about what it is to be beautiful. Many can argue that Disney portrays beauty in a specific way – flawless skin, wide eyes, skinny, tall, etc. etc. And they would be right. In that sense, there isn’t much room for variety in beauty. But that is not what I think about when I watch a Disney movie.

You know the story of the princess, who all her life thought she was nobody, until she was found, and she had to learn that she was beautiful and priceless, or the story of the girl who her step sisters and step mother told for many years that she was worthless, but eventually learned that she too was beautiful and priceless…

Sometimes we are blessed with someone who tells us that we are so beautiful, other times we’re bombarded with messages that we are not good enough. We are told that because of where we’ve been, or where we come from, we’re not good enough, and will never be. We internalize the need to get plastic surgery to get the bodies of celebrities, to get the hair extensions, to look as “amazing” as we’ve been told we can only be with the help of hair extensions, we believe that we are not good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, or valuable enough – and we are right.

We are right because whatever we believe is true for us, and we make decisions based on that thought and expectation. And the result is that the cycle continues. The more we believe we are not good enough, the more people treat us like we’re not good enough… instead we must embrace ourselves, push out all those negative messages from our minds, and learn that we are indeed beautiful. We must learn to accept ourselves as good enough, pretty enough, valuable enough, brilliant enough etc.

We have spent so many years learning what it means to be ugly and worthless, but now it’s time to unlearn all of that, and learn what it is to be beautiful.

Because until we learn that we are beautiful enough, until we learn that we are enough, the world will continue to rob us of the pleasure of accomplishing all the amazing things that our beautiful selves were called to accomplish.

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