Love is when he says "what do you have in mind"

Whenever I ask my husband what his plans are for the day, the night, the weekend, the week, etc, his answers range from saving innocent lives from a burning building, feeding starving kids in Africa or eliminating worldwide poverty to saving a scared cat from a tree — yeah y’all I married superman… But what always amazes me is that he always ends his statement with “what do you have in mind.” And that always touches my heart. Most of the time when I ask him such things, I’m just having conversation, trying to connect with him, like women like to do, and I don’t really have anything in mind.

When he asks me what I have in mind though, it makes me feel so special – it says to me, I may be busier than a one-armed-paper-hanger, but you’re a priority to me, and I’ll always have time for you. I appreciate that. That is what love is.

Often times when we are concerned about something we are too reluctant to bring it to Jesus. We think about the starving kids, the dying the people, the lost people, and we think that Jesus doesn’t care about the little things that bother us, but He does – because we are a priority to him. It’s hard to explain how every big thing and every little thing could be so important to him at the same time, but they all are.

Jesus keeps asking us “what do you have in mind?” But we keep saying “Oh I know you’re too busy, my concerns can’t be that important.” But that is not true…

So why not take the time today to talk about all your challenges, you’ll be surprised that he has all the time in the world for you – and that is what love is.

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