I bought a book for school a few months ago and it was shrink-wrapped.

Emblazoned on the front in bold letters were the words

“No return if unwrapped”

So I thought to myself- Not only do I have to pay for this book before I can walk out of this store with it, but I must be committed to purchasing this book, because once I unwrap it I am stuck with it, for better or worse. Granted I may choose to sell it in the future, but I can not return it…

It made me think about womanhood…I wish women would get this attitude that men need to commit to the relationship before they can leave the “store” with them, and to let men know how valuable they are, so that if the men are interested in “unwrapping” they must know that there are ABSOLUTELY no returns, no exchanges…(and no future sales)

Once you decide to pursue a relationship, then you are committing…and once you “unwrap”…you are committed!

This is why it is important to leave all “unwrapping” to a committed married relationship.

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