The first movie my boo and I watched together at the movie theater (when he was still trying to charm his way into my heart) was a Ghanian movie about relationships, cheating etc. We picked the movie because by the time we got there, this was the only movie that seemed as if it would end on time, and I wouldn’t have to go back home in the middle of the night.

Even before the movie started we were skeptical, but we kept trying to give them the benefit of the doubt. Everyone was cheating on everyone, the make out scenes were crass and puke-worthy, and it was just the kind of trash I wouldn’t want my children to see. We tried to keep watching, because we had spent quite a bit of money, and we didn’t want to waste the money, but then it got to one scene where it showed a man and woman in the bed room, and the next thing the man disappeared underneath the blanket… needless to say, I grabbed my purse and asked the gentleman beside me to kindly escort me out of the movie theater…

Yes we had spent money, but we just didn’t see the point of compounding our mistake with the greater mistake of tainting our minds, and tempting ourselves with thoughts that could lead us to do things we shouldn’t…

Whenever I think about that day, I can liken it to so many other situations, where we keep trying to be friends with people because we have invested so much in them, or we keep trying to make a relationship work because we don’t want to feel like all the time we spent with them has been wasted, and so we compound one mistake with many more…

Sometimes we just have to learn to cut our losses, and move on, yeah you may have lost some time, but there is no need to waste even more time and money on something that will only cause you more pain in the future.

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