Did God want them to die? – Nyanya bombing

I knew some fanatics would say something like that, but I guess I never dreamt I would actually hear someone actually saying that those people (Nyanya bomb blast) died because it was their time, that God wanted them to die or they would not have been there at the time… SERIOUSLY!!!

First of all, God is a good God, and He does not use evil to accomplish his will. Period. Full stop.

Secondly, God has promised every single one of us a lifespan of at least seventy years (three score years and ten Psalm 90:10). If we live for longer than that, it’s a blessing, otherwise anything below that means something went wrong somewhere.

Thirdly, we live in a fallen world where God has given us free will. God does not control us, he did not control the bombers, he did not control the people that were injured. All God does is to whisper and if we’re willing to listen then we can make better decisions, otherwise, God cannot force us to do anything.

I’ve written about this terrible idea on the Sovereignty of God here and here, and the misconception that sovereignty means total control instead of just superiority… It’s not true, God does not control everything… He always wants good things for us, but sometimes things don’t work out as He wants them to… even in the Bible God had to have a Plan B, because we have all fallen short of where He wanted us to be – Jesus was our plan B, King David was King Saul’s Plan B, etc. etc. etc.

Did God want them to die? – I don’t have all the answers, what I do know is that, there is evil in this world, and God is not the originator of evil.


Nyanya victims (picture from ThisDayLive)
Nyanya victims (picture from ThisDayLive)

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