Of Choice and Men

Whenever I go to Subway I get anxious.

I always wonder what is the perfect bread with the perfect combination to get the perfect sub. I try to think of the pros and cons of the honey wheat or the whole wheat, and then I wonder if I should get something with chicken or beef or the classic meatball sub.

By the time I finally get to the top of the line I’m perspiring from thinking so hard. It feels as if the weight of the world is upon me. Then I do what I did the week before, and every week before that…I order a sub on Honey wheat bun with tuna fish and everything on it (I know odd – but hey it tastes delicious).

The problem is that unending search for perfection. With more choices we have more opportunities to be wrong, so we try hard to avoid being wrong by sticking with the tried and true…

But the tried and true is boring…instead of looking for perfect and avoiding failure, let us work on failing as often as we can…after all every failure brings us that much closer to success.