Review: What's in the Bible

Phil Vischer the creator of Veggie Tales has done it again!

But this time it is bigger and better- If you have not heard of it yet you need to listen up!

The DVDs* are called “What’s in the Bible

There are currently 3 DVDs out and the 4th is due to be out later this year

My niece and I own the first two DVDs:

  1. DVD 1: In the Beginning
  2. DVD 2: Let my People Go

The humor is great for adults and for kids…I found myself singing along with the characters, with my niece screaming “Bible” in the background (the theme song)- keep in mind that my niece is 1 year old, and I am a bit older.

Most importantly, the DVDs are Biblically sound.

I learned a lot from these DVDs…like “Septuagint!” …”Bless you!” (inside joke)

Go out and get the series…you won’t regret it!

The characters are from the website JellyTelly

(My only concern is that I hope there are more Black characters who are easier to understand)

*I personally purchased these DVDs